Generosity Path Podcast

S.3 Episode 3: Mid-season special | Everyday Generosity

September 21, 2021

On this podcast, we often hear some truly remarkable stories of people who are in a position to offer significant financial support towards starting new ministries or taking charitable endeavours to new heights. Their stories are both inspirational and aspirational. But we also want to celebrate those who are just starting out on their generosity journeys; and those who can’t single-handedly fund pioneering projects but who are perhaps able to give in other ways. So in this episode, we profile a few people who you may not have heard of, but who have themselves either witnessed, participated in, or received transformative generosity. We hope this will inspire you to think about the many ways you might be able to be part of the generosity movement yourself.

Featuring Lucy Rae, Lydia McAllister, Will Buttrick & Sarah Sawyer-McCarthy.

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