Generosity Path Podcast

S.2 Episode 5: Pete and Deb Ochs | Jailhouse Generosity

February 26, 2021

Pete Ochs is the founder and chairman of Capital III, an impact investment company with investments in the US and Central America. Pete and his wife Deb's shared passion to empower business leaders around the world to use their platforms to impact the world for Christ is both challenging and inspiring. Listeners familiar with Generosity Path may already have been moved by the story of how they employ staff from a high security prison and the transformation this has brought about. In this episode, the Ochs' also discuss ways in which generosity culture plays out in their family, and share practical insights about the structure of their giving. Pete's book 'A High Impact Life', connecting Purpose, Passion and Platform, is available at

"The purpose of business is not to maximise shareholder value, but it’s to really be a catalyst for flourishing."

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